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2015-11-6 23:41:13
Hello All,

I received my Orange Pi PC a few days ago and I am very happy with it! I immediately ordered 3 new for my projects.

The blog posts that soldering is not done good or that the board is unreliabale /not working/ etc. -> this seems to be an old story! My board is looking good and as far as I can say also working good. BTW will be interesting to me if somebody replay what is the temperature of the H3 chip? Mine is running hot, I put a small heatsink on it but still hot, maybe about 50 degC. Is there a way to run an app to measure the chip temperature?

After re-installing the linux image with a recent distribution I managed to get all 3 USB ports to work. With older images it was running only 1 port. I think this is a common problem for many users.

I am still fighting with WiFi, seem sthat the WiFi is disabled for this distribution. I have one of my USB WiFi dongles not recognized, while the other seems to be recognized but as I said the WiFi need to be enabled. The unrecognized dongle is Realtek RTL8192EU ID 0BDA:818B as this is probably annoying a lot of people - I would like to ask: Please, add this driver to your distributions, image releases, etc. Please! The drive is already available for linux. The WiFi dongle is very cheap and is an excellent companion to the board. The older version RTL8192CU was included some time ago and is working perfect on my Raspberry Pi 2.

I read on some web posts that the HW video is still not available fo Allwinner H3 chip. Is that still valid? What are the latest news for the video drivers?

Kind Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

OrangePi En

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