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2015-11-8 18:03:03
Edited by bharathram21391 at 2015-11-10 01:00

Orange Pi Plus 2 is a really powerful SBC and I thought why not use it to make a TV Box, using a good case.  Using the built-in IR receiver, the device can take input from a standard TV remote. If Kodi or another media center is programmed to run in Orange Pi Plus 2, it can become a very good tool for media playback. This is a great way to turn any TV into a smart TV.

If you think my idea is good, please vote for my idea. I am very open to suggestions and feedback.
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fritz 看全部
2015-11-9 00:50:03
Sorry for destroying your project
But you can buy a H3 OTT Box for 35$ with case, power supply, remote control and some has a HDMI-cable too (I have one of this boxes).
I have payed 55$ for my opi plus some months ago.
Make's no sense to me.
bharathram21391 看全部
2015-11-9 19:19:06
Hi fritz. Thanks a lot for your feedback. The project is about learning to build devices with Orange Pi and sharing the learning with others. I never said this the best way to make a TV box or the most efficient. All I am saying is I can build a box with it and it is definitely affordable for many people. I don't deny there are alternatives. Secondly, with Orange Pi, you can customize the things you want. For example, you can load any OS you want from Raspbian to Kodibuntu to Android. Since everything about it is open source, you can optimize it for quality and performance. In other words, you have complete control over what you're doing.
fritz 看全部
2015-11-9 20:37:41
Edited by fritz at 2015-11-9 13:41

Ahh,forgot to write why I have chosen a OTT H3 Box and not orange pi plus/2/PC.
It's the SPDIF out for digital audio DTS/Dolby.
In the orange pi plus/2/PC this output is not available.It's used internaly to enable power for the CSI port (CSI-PWR En).
Alternatively you could, if you're planning to use your opi 2, to pass (passtrough) audio via HDMI  to the TV and then via SPDIF out to the AV Receiver/amplifier.
This however requires a TV with SPDIF output.
Regarding customization and booting linux distros. You can boot what you want on any H3 device that has a microsd slot.

And don't forget that with linux you don't have Hardware video acceleration and this will not change in the near future!
bharathram21391 看全部
2015-11-9 22:01:22
Regarding hardware acceleration, I am not planning for gaming or other GPU-intensive tasks. So lack of video acceleration shouldn't be a problem. Not everyone needs an SPDIF out. Where I live, that port is hardly ever found on TVs or other devices. HDMI is the standard here. We don't get H3 devices here. No one's even heard of them. H3 devices might be available and affordable in your country but here, an Orange Pi-based TV box would be a boon.

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