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dx.l 看全部
2016-7-15 11:06:23

Hello Mara.
It's works for H3 SOCs?

mara 看全部
2016-7-16 00:44:52


dx.l replied at 2016-7-15 11:06
Hello Mara.
It's works for H3 SOCs?

yes, it`s works

Alexvsv 看全部
2016-7-16 06:58:40
my first distributive. does it wworks with orange pi lite?
mara 看全部
2016-7-16 16:45:24
should work, there is no way to check on the living gland
dx.l 看全部
2016-7-17 00:31:55
I try it in 2-3 days, when i got more spare time.
Thank you Mara.
Before, I'm trying to compile mainline kernel with mainline u-boot, but no success. All i've got is "loading kernel....." and then all just hanging up or continuously rebooting or just say me that i use wrong HW ID.
I'm planned to use the mainline kernel with slackware miniroot.
So, I leave my trying for now

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