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john0815 看全部
2015-2-9 13:52:20
Is it possible to build a board like the orangepi plus with a VGA plug?
Or  can several of the pins so be programmed that a VGA plug can be connected

Sorry for my bad english.
KingNyx 看全部
2015-2-14 06:51:42
I believe there are HDMI to VGA adapters
john0815 看全部
2015-2-14 15:12:41
I know that adapters are available.

I want to build DualMonitor System (Expanded desktop).
Standard Orangipi with dualcore support this
PoppyAnn 看全部
2015-3-5 20:51:24
Hi there, I am a little mixed up with what you want, the Oramge Pi already has a vga output if you want to use it but I believe that you can only output video to one type at a time either hdmi, vga or composite video.
(but i may be wrong)

Regards Poppy Ann.
RaveenBouy 看全部
2015-3-6 00:03:51
Poppy, He's talking about OP +

OrangePi En

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