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We have just updated our Github code for the Red Reactor Pi Battery Widget with some new features – a pop-up warning when down to 10% capacity and a 30 second timer to automatic shutdown after the battery empty warning. Just follow the install or update instructions to keep all your data safe!
The Red Reactor board delivers a very stable 5.1v, with an I2C interface for battery voltage and current for safe shutdown on low battery or when you detect that the external supply has failed (uses 3v3 from the Pi for this), and drives a GPIO to provide the ON button state information with a separate open drain pull down interface for a long-press RESET function. Nutanix NCSE-Core Exam Questions
The Power of Standby

If you are thinking of creating a battery powered Pi project, like remote monitoring with sensors, you might find our new article measuring standby performance useful. If you want to save power by turning your device OFF between readings, battery drain in the power supply itself can have a real impact on total days of battery life.

We created a simple moisture monitoring example and measured the battery voltage each time the Pi was powered up by an RTC alarm, and whereas a competitor battery power supply barely managed to run for 2 weeks, the Red Reactor showed that it would keep working for months. That could save you a lot of hassle with sensors in hard to reach places!

The article and measurement results can be found on our News page at

Let us know what you think!
Thank you for continuing to track our progress (and for reading this far down this thread!). The world chip supply shortage is still causing a problem for us, but we are hopeful that we can launch soon as things are slowly improving.

In the meantime, we have developed a Flask based web application that will enable you to monitor your battery status and usage remotely via a web browser, configure the monitoring process and even perform a remote reboot or shutdown. Perfect for when your Pi is used remotely or running without a display!

For more details please head over to our news update on, and you can download the code with install instructions from our GitHub page at
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