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Thank you to the moderators for following up on my request!

Just a quick update to tell you about our Power of Standby experiment, which we documented on

We had a Pi Zero powered by the Red Reactor using 2x 3000mAh batteries, set up with an RTC alarm to boot up every 4 hours to take a moisture sensor reading, email it out and turn itself completely off again. With these measurements we could show the benefit of the Red Reactor's ultra-low standby current (few uA) for sensor applications, and our setup was able to take 481 separate readings (it took 6 readings per day) before finally signing off from duty today.

So, if you just needed 1 reading per day, we've shown that it could run for well over 1 year on batteries. It’s funny, I kinda got to like seeing emails from my Pi every day…
We're very pleased to have been accepted by PCBWAY into their Crowdfunding Project Sponsorship Programme, and with their excellent support this has enabled us to proceed with our final prototypes and set our target Kickstarter campaign launch date for September! We're waiting for our new boards to arrive and all being well with testing we hope to have everything ready for launch!

You can find more details on this in our latest update at

We know it's been a long wait but thank you all for your continued support! Please continue to register at our site so that we can update you directly.
A quick heads up that we are now counting down to our Kickstarter launch on Tuesday 13th of September!

We've been busy testing the final prototypes from PCBWAY and made a short video at with assembly, testing and simple integration for a typical use case with a Pi, touch screen, USB keyboard and mouse.

For more information please visit and hopefully you can catch the early bird discount!
We are now live on Kickstarter, and you can find us at ... ower-really-matters for more details and great purchasing discounts.

As well as exciting options on the Red Reactor board, we are also making our custom, high performance Pogo-pins available for your own projects.

We really hope you will join us on this exciting journey to reach our goal! If you can, please tell all your friends too!
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Thank you to all who've been following us here on this thread, and a special THANK YOU for helping us to reach our goal in less than a week!

We're really excited to see so many pledges from all corners of the globe. It is just so great to see so many people with plans for gadgets that will benefit from our robust battery backup! Hence we'd love to hear about your projects and hope our software examples can help you. Based on your feedback we've just added a background monitoring app on our GitHub site that can email you any battery status changes and log battery performance. Check it out!

The campaign is still live so catch a great discount to support us, and if you can, please share our campaign link with your friends!