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2015-11-18 17:00:03
Edited by patlas at 2015-11-23 02:47

I want to build Wireless presentation manager, what is that? Let me explain

Wireless presentation manager is microcomputer that will in easy and convinient way help us viewing presentation, pdf files and much more on big screens, overhead proejctors, ... The main problem which we meet when we want to share out presentation in wide screen is communication between our laptop/tablet/smartphone and viewin equipment. Wireless presentation manager will be a bridge between our device and overhead projector that allow us sharing/viewing data over the air (wirelessly). After we enter audience hall the only thing that we need to do is to find wireless device (like overhead projector) over WiFi, connect to network and run proper application and we are ready to go.
At the moment I do some test and prepare simple application for PC (in java) and for android. I write down simple server application (in C++) for Banana Pi (the only one that is avaliable in my location) but it is too slooow for fluent dynamic rendering so I ask you to Like that Idea to let mi obtain Orange Pi Plus2 which whill help me to start serious work on it and finally share it with embedded system community.

Thanks in advance
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2016-7-14 11:25:51
I am liking this idea.  It is possible to set this up very cheaply with used WiFi routers with custom firmware (if the devices have network capabilities).  I just have a question -- how would this work if say, you have your laptop networked with a projector, how would you be able to access the Internet (if needed)??  

Anyway, I have attended seminars and training sessions where they used WiFi enable connections this way, and the whole process seemed awful -- extremely slow responses and stuttering, laggy video. This was in a hotel though, and I think that they had everything WiFi connected to the same router....a direct connection (like your proposed project) would be much faster and more efficient.
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2021-1-13 00:22:45
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2022-12-28 20:58:23
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2023-1-19 16:56:56
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