G2D hw accel 看全部

I finally succeeded to enable 2D/3D hw accel. following your suggestion: thank you all guys (glmark2-es2 run ok).Nevertheless, looking at /var/log/Xorg.0.log I realized G2D accel. is not enabled.
If I remember right, I read somewhere that this is normal in H3 board since g2d driver is not supported.
Somebody can confirm that, please ?
quote: [    20.116] (II) FBTURBO(0): can't load 'g2d_23' kernel module
[    20.116] (II) FBTURBO(0): failed to enable the use of sunxi display controller
[    20.116] (II) FBTURBO(0): No sunxi-g2d hardware detected (check /dev/disp and /dev/g2d)
[    20.116] (II) FBTURBO(0): G2D hardware acceleration can't be enabled

According to http://dl.linux-sunxi.org/H3/Allwinner_H3_Datasheet_V1.0.pdf has other means of 2D "acceleration". So yes, H3 has no G2D.