docker on Orange Pi? 看全部

Wondering if anyone on here have tried docker on Orange Pi?

I've saw some success on the Banana Pi

Any heads up would be appreciate!
Docker on Orange PI (PC) is not available yet. Docker required kernel 3.8, Orange PI only support kernel 3.4
  • Bench zgoda
  • 2015-12-8 00:11:21
On Banana Pro I have kernel 3.4.x and Docker is running with some warnings but no instabilities as of yet.
quote: openrapp replied at 2016-5-4 16:24

Currently only Orange Pi A31, Orange Pi Mini A20 , Orange Pi A20
has Kernel 4.5.2 that support Docker.

Others H3 Orange Pis (like Orange Pi 2 H3, Orange Pi Plus H3, Orange Pi PC H3, Orange Pi One H3)
has Kernel 3.4.112 and doesn't support Docker.