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On Orange H3?
  • 12# geev03
  • 2016-8-16 18:06:01
quote: darqoq replied at 2016-8-16 03:26
Many OSes has docker support (ubuntu, debian etc.),
but in this case the problem is linux kernel. ...

Yes, linux kernel is 4.4  here...
Docker Information
API Endpoint: dockerapi
API Version: 1.23
Docker version: 1.11.1
Git Commit: 5604cbe
Go Version: go1.4.3

Total Memory:925.4 MB
Operating System:Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)
Kernel Version:4.4.10-hypriotos-v7+
File Descriptors:18
Storage Driver:overlay
Storage Driver Status:
Backing Filesystem: extfs
Execution Driver:
IPv4 Forwarding:true
Index Server Address:
Init Path:
Docker Root Directory:/var/lib/docker
Init SHA1
Memory Limit:true
Swap Limit:true

  • 13# geev03
  • 2016-8-16 18:07:44

No , waiting for it!
In the mean time, it is RPi3

  • 14# darqoq
  • 2016-8-16 18:16:18
RPI has supported newest kernel so what ? This thread is about Orange Pi.
Read carefully this post ... &fromuid=144740
Orange Pi (with H3 CPU) works with "testing version" ... &fromuid=144740

Yes, and on A10, A20, imx6, Armada 38x, x68, amd64, ...

kernel support is essential and as i already mentioned, it's possible to run docker on H3 boards with our dev kernel on our OS but certain things are missing - thermal protection, so it's not safe for productive environment yet.