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2016-8-16 18:55:15
Yes, and on A10, A20, imx6, Armada 38x, x68, amd64, ...

kernel support is essential and as i already mentioned, it's possible to run docker on H3 boards with our dev kernel on our OS but certain things are missing - thermal protection, so it's not safe for productive environment yet.
phobos_jv 看全部
2017-7-4 14:59:57
Hello friends.

I've installed docker on Orange Pi Win Plus. It works fine on armbian, but you must use arm64 images.

I found an author who works with arm64 images, his user is arm64v8. I made a few images too, my dockerhub user is geekclusterpi.

I wrote an article about it:

http://www.geekclusterpi.com/blo ... d=10&Itemid=111

It's in spanish, but you can use google translate on chrome.

sypperpit 看全部
2018-8-28 00:32:41
kanehad12 看全部
2023-6-27 12:16:39
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