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2021-9-4 05:27:01
In Ludo, it’s very important to get all of your four pieces into the center as fast as you can while preventing other players from putting your piece back to the starting line.

If you roll the dice and happen to have a piece that’s nearer to the finish line and another piece from halfway within your opponent’s colored zone, always for the piece nearest to the finish line. This gives you two benefits: 1. The piece in the colored zone will be immune to elimination and 2. More chances of winning.
If you roll a 6 and you have a piece at the starting line, go with that piece first before all others. This is because when you move it out of the starting line, you get another free roll.

This may seem like an exploit but we’re going to show you a cheap way to increase your chances of winning Ludo King without having to play the game much. We’ve realized a lot of the players are anti-social and so to defeat them, use the premade messages!

Just keep on using them as much as you can and at some point, someone will get annoyed or anxious that they’ll leave the game. There was one instance where all 3 players have abandoned their 1000 coins and quit because of our premade messages! Automatic winner!

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2023-2-25 13:42:05
When playing Ludo, it is essential to prioritize getting all of your pieces into the center of the board. Doing so as quickly as possible reduces the chances of your opponents sending your pieces back to the starting line. When you roll the dice and have the opportunity to move a piece that is close to the finish line or another piece located halfway inside an opponent's colored zone, it is best to move the piece that is closest to the finish line. This will give you two main advantages: firstly, the piece in the colored zone will be safe from  Vaccine Distribution  elimination and secondly, you will have more chances of winning.

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