Web browsers crashing 看全部

So i'm using the latest Ubuntu Mate 15.04 from loboris (Orange Pi PC) and i've noticed, that both Midori (latest from Ubuntu repo and latest from debians repos)  and Web (epiphany) are crasing or freezing after a certain period of time.
Web usually brings segfaults and Midori simply freezes and loads single core to 100%. Any ideas what that could be ?

I should note that Chromium and Net Surf are working perfectly fine, but are kinda useless in their respects (chromium being quite slow and net surf render sites very poorly due to simplisitic engine).
But both Web and Midori are perfectly balanced (both speed and quality of render) for this types of boards.

  • Sofa bronco
  • 2015-12-2 22:59:33
The reason of crashes might not be related to software at all but can also be caused by unrealiable hardware

Maybe caused bei either overclocking or undervolting. In case you haven't done this already it's strongly recommended to verify settings: http://linux-sunxi.org/Hardware_ ... Ffrequency_settings
It happens on both underclocked/undervolted and stock dvfs table. Its the same, those two browsers are crasing.

I highly doubt it's hardware's fault, as it would crash in other things to (namely chromium, which is even more cpu intensive).

Maybe its something wrong with the distro or kernel itself...
  • Floor jacer
  • 2015-12-3 13:19:24
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quote: hojnikb replied at 2015-12-2 23:08
It happens on both underclocked/undervolted and stock dvfs table. Its the same, those two browsers a ...

Actually chromium browser is fast. You should install GPU driver to play U2B videos which is based on HTML5. Refer to this post for instruction. You can also install iceweasel browser but no HTML5 video support.http://www.orangepi.cn/orangepib ... d=66&extra=page%3D1

The WebKit based browsers don't work on ARM machines for a long time (at least 2 years).On my Cubox, I run xxxterm, midori, dwb.., on my OPI2, I run xombrero, vimb.. with the same behaviour: either loop or crash depending on the browsed sites.
I was told that dwb also crashed randomly on X86 machines. BTW, these webkit browsers don't support HTML5.
So, as chromium is not available, I use the slow browsers iceweasel on Debian and firefox on VoidLinux when I really need  information...