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2015-12-3 05:59:55
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Orange Pi Penetration Testing suite

I help develope XIOPAN on rasberry pi and other SBC and think it would be great to have a native
fully working Penetration Testing suite for OrangePi. Through my development I will rewrite the linux
kernel and add it to the new kernel.org repository so other can build appon it for the OrangePi.

I have 18 years of opensource development and am willing to also throw in my experience with the
allwinner processors (5 years). I can build pretty much anything for the allwinner A8-A23 since I am
usualy the one on public fors making replacement kernels and os for tv sticks and sbc that contain
allwinner chipsets.

I will be making xiopan os for this in a slitaz linux version and tinycore version so you all will have my kernel
code and full graphics abilities in code rather than theory.

Note i had a  NDA contract with allwinner and it is now up but i still have the knowledge and resources at
hand to do this so please vote accordingly
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93.75% (15)

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2015-12-5 17:55:13
Edited by jacer at 2015-12-5 17:59

Fantastic. Do you have OPI-PC? Steve will be pleased to donate you a piece for development,
B.t.w. we are focusing on developing HW plackback codec lib and player, also mainline kernel for H3. Maybe you can help.
Just check the Device (GPU & VPU) section and Openelec section for detail.

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2015-12-15 08:09:41
No I don't at the moment
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2015-12-15 08:11:15
Also I did notice that you are doing openelec and stuff just wish I had the hardware to make the tests images and start doing releases
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2015-12-15 08:58:01
If hardware can be donated to me I will gladly help

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