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jernej 看全部
2015-12-17 07:41:14
I get this:


  1. Welcome to OpenELEC (unofficial) - Version: devel-20151217003237-r21676-g77b67b4!

  2. [  OK  ] Created slice System Slice.
  3. [  OK  ] Started FS Resize.
  4. [  OK  ] Reached target FS Resize target.
  5. resizing not allowed. rebooting in 15s

I checked that there is no .kodi or .config or .cache folder after image creation
jernej 看全部
2015-12-17 08:28:37
Edited by jernej at 2015-12-17 01:41

Ok, I found the issue. You forgot to revert yet another systemd 228 patch (https://github.com/vonfritz/Open ... caacc9bab101bc6f295)

systemd is patched so /etc is actually /storage/.config and that patch should prevent systemd to create and populate that folder. Because it fails, resizing code founds /storage/.config folder and refuses to resize the partition.

I also noticed that wifi network crashes right after association. But that is topic for tomorrow

EDIT: after quick check I found that this is upstream issue described as a comment to the commit: https://github.com/OpenELEC/Open ... e936f0e3b0c2911b5bb
fritz 看全部
2015-12-17 14:01:36
You are right, forgot to revert this.
Then why not build on top of 6.0 instead of devel, maybe its more "stable".
I think most users here are interest in playing some HD videos and not to have "latest greatest".
jernej 看全部
2015-12-17 14:27:43
You have to love them:


  1. PKG_NAME="connman"
  3. -PKG_VERSION="1.23"
  4. +PKG_VERSION="1.30"

That would be the easy way, but I that case I would never start the project I think that I will stick with it and patch things as they come. This is opensource and someone who prefers stability could certainly do that. Maybe we can even contribute upstream.
lyoko 看全部
2015-12-17 14:43:20
hey, good job jernej! you simply have done the impossible.
But i'm sorry to be so rude, can you show us how you got Allwinner libs to work with kodi?
simply because I don't think this OpenElec fork will be maintained forever, and some users would like to know how to get it working from scratch.

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