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Manjup 看全部
2015-12-19 15:33:37
This is the download link for Orangepi PC Ubuntu mate linux os with Working wifi using MT7601 ralink wifi card.
Thanks to user http://www.orangepi.org/orangepibbsen/?162305 who compiled the driver. I am just providing you the complete SD card image for your orangepi pc.
This is updated image.
This image is configured to work with  hdmi-dvi monitor, headless via tight vnc server, usb to serial.
Note: never run


  1. sudo apt-get upgrade " never run this"

Image link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/789e73 ... _update.img.gz?dl=0

  • Download the image,unzip via 7z(windows) and write to sd card.
  • connect ethernet and wifi card, then start.
  • login to ssh via ethernet
  • run code to enable wifi


    1. suno nmcli -a d wifi connect

  • add you ssid & password.
  • reboot to take effect
  • remove ethernet
  • check router dhcp to check weather it is connected with wifi
  • again login via ssh.
  • run the command to start vnc sever


    1. vncserver :1 -geometry 1920x1080 -depth 24

  • using vnc server uses cpu making system slow.
  • to access use VNC viewer or Remote Desktop Client

If you have hdmi-dvi monitor, just connect it and boot.

lemmy 看全部
2016-1-27 05:25:33
Nearly everything works; after second boot  hdmi-monitor green!
Manjup 看全部
2016-1-27 11:10:39
This image is only for Hdmi-Dvi monitor,
If you connect hdmi monitor it will turn green.
Sorry, the software are still buggy.
I you want to use hdmi monitor you have to use original script.bin file provided by loboris
lakucron 看全部
2016-5-6 10:39:23
lakucron 看全部
2016-5-6 10:44:05
awesome , i cant connect to ethernet with official ubuntu img, and they didnt provide any solution ... but your img works very well , i can connect to network now , thanx @Manjup @jacer very much
this img should be added to the official resources  @loboris

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