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2016-5-28 13:32:06
Edited by momo at 2016-6-2 13:17

Newer release [retrorangepi-pubuntu.v1.2.hotfix]:
File removed!

user - pi
password - pi
root - admin
warik 看全部
2016-6-2 03:11:29
I try download image and I got error "File not found".
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2016-6-5 12:48:13
Stevie Whyte updated his version of Retrorangepi v1.4 yesterday.


Here is an update for retropie for Opi. Ive added a few tweaks and cosmetics.
*patched the kernel exploit
*Added a desktop entry to emulationstation
*bluetooth controller support
*ps3 usb and bluetooth controller support
*xbox 360 controller support (you have to run the retropie-setup from the retropie menu and enable xboxdrv)
*changed N64 core from Alerino Reis img, thanks
*Thermal fixes from armbian (a heatsink and fan are recommended)
*Added retropie 3.8 theme updates
*kodi with mpv player as external player with hw acceleration
*samba shares for roms/bios/configs
UPDATE: v1.4
fixed multiple ps3 controllers not pairing and other ps3 bluetooth issues.
fixed black screen error.
fixed the launch script, it now works as it should.
fixed samba network share permissions.
remember to run sudo fs_resize on first boot
Emulators are already installed, just add roms to the correct system folders via samba network share or from the desktop environment. After you have added roms restart emulationstation and they will show up.
All configs are untouched, you will be asked to configure a controller in emulationstation. It will then be automatically configured for all emulators.
you will need a keyboard to navigate kodi (waiting for a 16.1 version with joystick support)
kodi mpv player keyboard shortcuts
run sudo fs_resize to expand filesytem to fit your sd card on first boot
user - pi
pass - pi
root - admin
As usual copy the correct script.bin etc for your board. This will work out the box with a opi One.
Alerino Reis and myself are working on this trying to get the perfect setup. We will keep you updated with any progress we

mohsh86 看全部
2016-6-12 04:06:04
i hope the guys can bring a full clone of retropie to orange pi, i downloaded the latest (1.4) and tested it on orange pi pc:

- couldn't pair Nitendo Wii U Pro controller via bluetooth, could do that on Raspberry pi with 3.8.1 retropie
- the usb wifi module wasn't detected, i know this wasn't built on top of Armbian, but the wifi module was working on Armbian 5.14
- having kodi with mpv player as external is a good idea, yet it is buggy (mpv or kodi i don't know !, the player won't stop a movie once played, had to kill it through terminal, and even though i hit ctrl+alt+F1, i could still see the movie playing on the terminal ? how on earth i don't know !

i had plans for having an all in one device with orange pi (running openhab, retropie + kodi), but for the time being, i'll just run console applications on orange pi, the whole GUI / GPU stuff on orange pi are half baked
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2016-6-16 06:54:37
Edited by gusgh2654 at 2016-6-16 07:24

Retrorangepi v1.4.
it has lots of problems.
first, kodi can't play video and music.
second, psx emulation is not working.

old versions have kodi problems only.
I want to rollback but all URLs dead.

how can i fix this problems?

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