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alerino 看全部
2016-8-5 21:00:07
Squirrel61 看全部
2016-8-6 05:46:31
Thanks! I already found a thread about RetrOrangePi earlier this evening when I finally had the time to browse all forums. I understand that you joined forces with Steve Whyte and maybe a few other people to merge all ES/RetroPie versions into RetrOrangePi. This is great news!

I've just downloaded V2.0 and will burn and test it tomorrow.
sonoftruemetal 看全部
2016-8-30 19:50:47

Good morning, everybody okay ?

I have a problem with the installation of Retrorange PI for Plus 2e model , he accuses a script error on startup and the screen is all black . It would be a syntax error , indicating that the " ) " is incorrect .

I wonder if you already did some testing with the Plus model 2e . It works?

Thank you very much
Spee33 看全部
2017-2-12 03:55:59
Edited by Spee33 at 2017-2-13 07:32

Hello all o/.

The image post earlyer works like a charm!
But is it also possible to install a GB and GBA emulator?
Merlin3D2 看全部
2023-9-4 15:30:29
check out retrorangepi.org they have a working image for orangepi pc
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