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adheybgz 看全部
2016-1-8 09:00:43
Edited by adheybgz at 2016-1-8 09:18

it will be nice if someone do for spare time working on it ( opi family devices )

https://www.chromium.org/chromiu ... board-porting-guide
working chromium OS Raspbery Pi 2
https://www.reddit.com/r/Chromiu ... for_raspberry_pi_2/

thanks in advance

geev03 看全部
2016-2-19 23:02:54
Edited by geev03 at 2016-2-19 23:04

"Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi 2 0.4 " - works well and wonder if we can look forward to a version that will run on Orange Pi-Pc.It can be accessed from remote devices as can be  seen in this picture link .. http://goo.gl/NkqbdR
Swell6 看全部
2016-3-2 06:16:44
I agree, reckon Chromium OS would work well on the OPi. Or even neverware cloudready?? Same sort of concept.

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