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trungnd 看全部
2021-12-4 22:39:52
I want to develop one application on Orange Pi 4g Iot installed ubuntu (or any linux type operating system)
My application includes a simple GUI for setting and some services to get data from plugged devices (wifi, Bluetooth, etc..)
Maybe I will use QT/QML or Flutter to develop this application and output to touch screen

I read the user manual guide (https://drive.google.com/drive/f ... w8T3rh6QPPxQ2TGRCJp) and saw that Orange Pi 4g Iot doesn'tsupport LCD screens
"Currently, Linux systems do not support modems and LCD screens. You can only log in to the system through the serial port. After connecting to wifi, you can log in
through ssh."
This means I just only use a remote to access pi or i cannot use the touch screen for any app also?
I want to confirm that can I develop a GUI application on Orange Pi 4g Io use ubuntu (or any Linux OS) and can show on a touch screen ?


lililala 看全部
2023-1-11 16:26:44

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