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xlogan 看全部
2016-1-16 02:13:06
Hellos there

Is there any mechanical drawings for the OrangePi Plus 2. I have this board and i want to make a case for it but i cant find any mechanical drawings for this board


F0X 看全部
2016-1-19 16:19:28
Hi, I need it too.
I think it is possible to make paper model and use it for make wood or plastic box.
xlogan 看全部
2016-1-19 18:36:01
Yes right now i am creating a case for 3D printing. ill post it here when i finish it.
F0X 看全部
2016-1-20 14:18:34
Edited by F0X at 2016-1-20 14:20

Thanks a lot! Maybe you can put layout here with sizes of hols and so on? I want to make it in acrylic or plexiglas.
xlogan 看全部
2016-1-20 22:31:46


F0X replied at 2016-1-20 14:18
Thanks a lot! Maybe you can put layout here with sizes of hols and so on? I want to make it in acryl ...

I sharewhat I have so far, the 3D printed version is not finish yet, but I will postthe 2D for the acrylic, because I don’t have access to a laser cutter, and youcould validate if it is working for the acrylic version.

---- Board Measurements -----
board width = 67.25mm+.25mm;      // +.25mm is atolerance value to not force the entrance of the board, in 3D print is aperfect fit.
board length = 108.5mm+.25mm;  // +.25mm same here, tolerance value.
board height = 1.25mm;

hole distance to edge of board = 3mm // measured from the center of the hole,
hole diameter = 3 mm  +1mm // +.1 mm of tolerance to ensure the screws don’tget to tight.

----- Case -----

The case will exceed the board by 2.5 mm, so we can have a continuous squarearound the board.
The first layer is a rectangle 113.75 mm X 72.5 mm which is the board lengthand width plus 5 mm of the excess of the case (2.5 mm for each side);
Second layer will be on top of the first layer and it uses the flat spaces ofthe bottom part of the board to support the board itself. So it will have roomfor the soldered connectors.
On top of the second layer will be the board and the subsequent layers will beon top of the board.
This was the easy part; the next layer is the most challenging as thereare a lot of components with different heights, so I ‘am working on it.

------- Validation ------
@FOX could you review this information, the main thing i want to know is aboutthe tolerances, because for 3D printing is a perfect fit, but i don’t know forthe acrylic cutter.

Hope this help to someone; I will report again after finishing each layer.


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