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2022-1-19 12:41:39
The Playtime Co. toy factory is introduced in the first chapter of the horror puzzle Poppy Playtime game. To restore power to the factory’s many machines, you must use Playtime Co.’s GrabPack to solve puzzles and rewire circuits. You must travel down the conveyer belt once you have obtained the red GrabPack hand.

You’ll enter a room with a large sign that says “Make-A-Friend” above three large machines. This room’s exit door will say “Nobody leaves without a toy,” and it will be locked. You’ll notice a platform next to this door where you can scan a toy. So, you’ll need to use the Make-A-Friend machine to make one, and you’ll need to turn it on.

How to play Poppy Playtime: Make-A-Friend Puzzle Guide game

To start the machine and make the toy, simply follow the steps outlined below, and you’ll be done in no time.

In Poppy Playtime’s Make-A-Friend room, look to the left of the conveyor belt. A staircase will lead up to the catwalk above.
You’ll notice that there’s a section of the catwalk missing. You can pull it out from the other side of the missing section by using the GrabPack’s handle.

– A pink VHS tape can be found to the right of this missing section on a ledge. What’s playing on the pink VCR at the top of the stairs?
There are two fuse boxes, one at the end of the first section of the catwalk and another in the middle that can be pulled out.

– Take one of the boxes and weave it between the two pillars in the center. Turn on the second box as well.

– This will turn on the Make-A-Friend machine, which will display the message “Power On.”

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The three levers above the conveyor belt will light up once it starts up. Pull them with the GrabPack to activate them.

Toy parts will be deposited onto the belt, which will transport them through the machine as it assembles a toy.

To unlock the door, take the finished toy from the end of the belt and place it on the toy scanner.

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2023-2-20 13:10:50
In Poppy Playtime, you must use the GrabPack to solve puzzles and rewire circuits in order to restore power to the factory's machines. Once you have obtained the red GrabPack hand, you will enter the "Make-A-Friend" room. Here, you must use the Make-A-Friend machine to make a toy in order to scan it and unlock the exit door. With this guide,  home realty Anderson County   you can complete the Make-A-Friend puzzle and reach the next level of the game!

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