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Zero Series

1、 Can Orange Pi Zero's OTG connect to a USB hub and then identify USB devices such as mice and keyboards?

A: Yes.

2、Can Orange Pi Zero be connected to infrared temperature sensors, humidity sensors and sound sensors?

A: Yes, with the expansion board.

3、Can Orange Pi Zero be connected to a display?

A: Orange Pi Zero can be connected to the screen with AV interface through the expansion board plus AV cable, the display needs to switch the signal source for AV input.

4、What resolution does Orange Pi Zero support when connected to a display via an expansion board and AV cable?


5、How to use Zero NAS interface board expansion board?

A: Plug directly into the 13pin row of pins.

6、What is the difference between Orange Pi Zero and Orange Pi Zero LTS?

A: Orange Pi Zero LTS and Orange Pi Zero are mainly lower power consumption compared to the function and appearance is the same.
Orange Pi Zero LTS has made changes in the hardware, with LTS special mirror can achieve the effect of reducing power consumption, if you do not consider this effect, there is no difference between the two boards, both can be chosen.
In general, the Orange Pi Zero and Zero LTS mirrors can be used universally. If you want to achieve the effect of reducing power consumption, you can choose Zero LTS and use the LTS-specific mirror.

7、Can Orange Pi Zero be used to develop boot loader?

A: Support, all the development boards of Allwinner chip series are supported.

8、Orange Pi Zero Plus2(H5), using the Android system that comes with the board, the installation of its own application fails, the wifi connection is normal. What is the problem?

A: If the CPU temperature is too high, it is recommended to add one or two more heat sinks, CPU overheating may also lead to installation failure.

9、Orange Pi Zero Plus2 (H5), using Android 5.1 mirror, how to connect the camera?

A: The camera can not be directly connected to the development board, to connect the purchase of the camera with the adapter board, the mirror has a camera APP.

10、Is there a big difference in performance between Orange Pi Zero Plus2 (H3) and Orange Pi Zero Plus2 (H5) and how do I choose?

A: A 32-bit, a 64-bit, H5 function also has a lot of improvements. If the demand for some features can only be used inside the H5, then you can only use the H5, if only some ordinary features Android4.4 also can, there is not much difference. But H3's Android system is 4.1, H5's Android system is 5.1, and Android 5.1 system requires a minimum of 1GB of memory, H5 this only 512MB, so with Android will be very card. If you want to use the Android system, and just use some ordinary functions, H3 can be. It depends on personal needs and whether the actual test results meet the needs.

11、Orange Pi Zero Plus, copying the APK to a USB drive, and having problems installing it via the serial port.

A: It is recommended to install through the interface, execute su and then

12、Orange Pi Zero 2 debian image version updated from 2.0.8 to 2.1.0, what are the main updates?

A: (1)Repair poweroff command, can be normal shutdown
(2) Add HDMI 4K display support
(3) Add support for 3 SPI LCD screens
(4) RTC module support

PC series

1、Orange Pi PC can't find the driver to install gc2035 under Debian. What is the problem?

A: If you can't find it with the find command, you will automatically find the ko file with the following command
modprobe gc2035
modprobe vfe_v4l2

2、Is the sequence of GPIO ports of Orange Pi PC and Orange Pi PC2 compatible?

A: Yes, they are compatible.

3、How to install APP on Orange Pi PC under Android system?

A: Download the application apk copy to the U disk, insert the U disk, in the system home page, click "all applications" - "file manager", find the U disk device, click APK installation, if not recognized U disk, see whether the U disk FAT32 format. If not, format it into FAT32 format.

4、What is the voltage range that the Orange Pi PC 40Pin pin can receive? Can it accept external voltage of 12V?

A: No, the GPIO is 3.3V.

5、Why doesn't the Orange Pi PC open the terminal by default after logging in with the desktop system?

A: Right click or the option to open in the lower left corner, this is the desktop system, the default will not open the terminal.

6、How many serial ports does Orange Pi PC Plus have?

A: There are 3 on 40Pin, see the schematic diagram for details.

7、Is there any model that is compatible with the GPIO port of Raspberry Pi 3B?

A: Orange Pi PC Plus.

8、What is the pitch of the 40Pin interface of Orange Pi PC Plus?

A: 2.54MM, all the development boards of the Orange Pi 40Pin interface pitch is 2.54MM.

9、Does Orange Pi PC 2 support 4K video playback?

A: Android system support.

10、Do I have to use an external keyboard for Orange Pi PC Plus to burn Linux system to eMMC?

A: It is possible to connect to serial input or terminal input through HDMI display. You can burn Android to eMMC without keyboard, and directly use SD card to change the system to eMMC on the board; Linux must use keyboard to execute commands to change the system to eMMC, or directly use SD card to boot.

R1 series

1、Can Orange Pi R1 be connected to the display?

A: Yes, through the expansion board + AV cable to connect the display with AV interface, the display needs to switch the signal source for AV input.

2、Can the two network ports of Orange Pi R1 be set with different IPs?

A: The two network ports are independent, you can set different IP (they can each be connected to the external network, but also to the local area network)

3、 Orange Pi R1, the customer needs a ttl to connect 4g module, can communicate with the external ttl.

A: Yes.

4、Can Orange Pi R1 be set as a bridge to connect the remaining network ports to the hard router?

A: With Openwrt, you can use one as wan port and one as lan port.

5、Can Orange Pi R1, network port information be passed to multiple serial ports?

A: Yes.

6、Does Orange Pi R1 support Phython development?

A: Yes.

7、What else do I need to do after installing OpenWRT system to use Orange Pi R1 Plus development board as a router?

A: The OpenWRT system of Orange Pi R1 Plus is used as a router, the OpenWRT system has been configured and can be used as a router directly, please refer to the official manual for specific instructions.

8、How can I get the IP address of the board with the network cable directly connected to the development board when Orange Pi R1 Plus is burning Linux system?

A: Connect the router cable to the wan port of the development board, the board will automatically get the IP, then you can get the IP through the router's management interface, or connect the serial port and check with ifconfig.

9、Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS, how many megabytes is the actual gigabit network port running full?

A: YT8531C port upload 900Mbit/s, download 940Mbit/s. USB to Gigabit port, upload 870Mbit/s, download 940Mbit/s.

10、Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS, with pin power supply, which pins are located?

A: Pin 1 and pin 2.

One Series

1、 Does Orange Pi One support image processing programming?

A: Yes, it does.

2、What is the maximum resolution supported by Orange Pi One?

A: 4K, 1920*1080 is also possible.

3、Can Orange Pi One be used to develop SNMP?

A: Yes.

4、What is the most stable system of Orange Pi One?

A: Armbian.

5、Does Orange Pi One support wireless network cards?

A: Yes, with the Linux 5.4 kernel image.

6、Is Orange Pi One compatible with Orange Pi Lite's 40Pin, and is the definition of Pin to Pin the same?

A: The same, you can check the schematic diagram for details.

7、Can the Orange Pi One Plus use the Raspberry Pi screen?

A: If the SPI interface, the software has to be adapted by yourself.

8、What kind of camera is used for Orange Pi One Plus development board?

A: gc2035.

9、What is the difference between the two versions (v1.1 and v1.3) of Orange Pi One Plus and Ubuntu server?

A: The kernel versions are different, one is 3.10 and the other is 4.9.

10、Is Orange Pi One Plus enough for microcomputer to watch videos?

A: Yes, it can be used to watch videos with Android.

Lite Series

1、How many layers of boards does Orange Pi Lite have?

A: 6-layer board

2、 Orange Pi Lite, can you make the board wifi hotspot, and then the phone connects to the hotspot to configure wifi?

A: Create a hotspot can refer to this:, if you need the board to connect to the hotspot, it is possible to set through the serial port, the user manual also has instructions (see the H3 general manual).

3、How many serial ports does Orange Pi Lite support?

A: There are 4 channels including the debug serial port.

4、Does Orange Pi Lite support playing MP4 format video?

A: It is supported under Android.

5、Orange Pi Lite, two Ubuntu lxde, one is v0.9.1 and one is v1.0, what is the difference between the two versions?

A: The one with xenial represents version 16.04 LTS, so xenial is the code name of this version, the version number is different, basically the kernel version will also be different, the rest need to compare and try to see.

6、Does Orange Pi Lite2 support 4K display?

A: Android supports it.

7、Orange Pi Lite2 board, Ubuntu desktop how to modify the resolution, YouTube video can not be played.

A: Verify that the desktop display is normal, if you want to modify the resolution need to download the source code
Then external/sys_config.fex file, and then compile to replace the kernel.

8、Orange Pi Lite2, how to calculate the corresponding pin number of GPIO

A: PAx = 0 + x
PBx = 32 + x
PCx = 64 + x
and so on.

9、Can Orange Pi Lite2 be connected to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time?

A: No.

10、How can I modify the system time of Orange Pi Lite2 without networking?

A: Linux system to modify the system time: Linux system contains two kinds of time, one is the system time, and the other is the hardware time.
The date command will set the date to August 7, 2018
---- date -s 08/07/18
Set the time to 14:20 minutes and 50 seconds
---- date -s 14:20:50
Set the time to 06/18/2014 14:16:30 (
---- date 0618141614.30

IoT series

1、What is the minimum standby current of Orange Pi 4G-IoT development board?

A: 30 MA, around 100 MA at the moment of power on, and 50-60 MA under normal conditions.

2、Can the Orange Pi 4G-IoT be started by card?

A: It can only be started with its own 8GB eMMC flash, it does not support card start, TF card can only be used to expand memory.

3、Can Orange Pi 4G-IoT realize voice call function on Linux?

A: No, it can under Android.

4、Is Orange Pi 4G-IoT compatible with 3G communication?

A: It is compatible.

5、Can the 4G function of Orange Pi 4G-IoT be removed?

A: No, this is integrated within the MT6737 chip.

6、Can the kernel of Orange Pi 3G-IoT, Android system be modified?

A: The source code is open source and can be modified.

7、Orange Pi 3G-IoT, can Linux be programmed with the serial port? I want to use the serial port to connect the GPS module, how many serial ports?

A: You can serial programming, there is a serial port.

8、Can Orange Pi 3G-IoT drive other screens?

A: No.

9、Does the Orange Pi 3G-IoT board only support 3G network or both 2G and 3G?

A: Both 2G and 3G are supported.

10、Orange Pi 2G-IoT, how to connect 2mp (gc2035) camera?

A: Do not adapter board and cable, directly connect the camera to the development board.

11、Orange Pi 2G-IoT, can external 4G module?

A: USB 4G module is not supported.

12、Does Orange Pi 2G-IoT support GSM?

A: It is supported under Android and Linux.

13、Can Orange Pi 2G-IoT call GPS?

A: No GPS function, 3G and 4G board under Android can.

14、Can the Bluetooth function of Orange Pi 2G-IoT be used?

A: It can't be used under Linux system.

15、Can Orange Pi 2G-IoT be used with relay module?

A: Yes.

Pi 3

1. Does Orange Pi 3 support RTC?

A: There is no RTC on the board, it needs to be external.

2、Can the Orange Pi 3 be used with Raspberry Pi DS3231 module and RTC clock module?

A: You can connect the 26pin i2c interface, the driver has to be adapted by yourself.

3、Can Orange Pi 3 with its own Android mirror be used with the remote control?

A: It can be used with the store's remote control, which has infrared receiving function, and the Android image that comes with it is version 7.0.

4、After Orange Pi 3 starts up, the power light is on normally, and the network port light starts flashing continuously, and then the light goes off slowly after a few dozen seconds. What is the problem?

A: (1) verify the image; (2) whether the system starts normally; (3) whether the network is normal

5、Orange Pi 3, Ubuntu desktop with eMMC, what is the difference between the two image versions (v1.3 and v1.1)?

A: The first kernel version is: Linux4.9; the second kernel version is: Linux3.10.

6、Does Orange Pi 3 support dual displays?

A: It supports both CVBS and HDMI display, displaying the same content (HDMI output is supported under Android and Linux, CVBS analog video output is not supported under Linux).

7、What kind of device expansion can be done on the 26pin port of Orange Pi 3?

A: I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO, etc. Please refer to the schematic diagram for details.

8、Can Orange Pi 3 use the screen and camera of Raspberry Pi?

A: No, there is no interface for camera and screen on Pi 3 board.

9、How can I switch the system language to English when Orange Pi 3 is using its own Android system?

A: Go to the system desktop, click Settings in the lower right corner - Language and Input Method - Language - Add Language - Add "English". -Add "English".

10、Orange Pi 3 does not start normally after installing the image. What is the reason?

A: (1) Use a regular 8G or more, class10 TF card (2) Use 5V3A power supply (3) Burn the selected startup card.

11、What are the requirements for Orange Pi 3 to connect to the display?

A: The display is required to support HDMI, and the resolution should preferably be 1080p.

12、Can Orange Pi 3 be used with pcie SSD?

A: No, PCIE is currently only adapted to the rtl8822be network card, see the user manual for details.

13、Orange Pi 3, the pre-installed Android system can start, re-burning system can not start, only the green light is always on. What is the problem?

A: (1) Confirm that the power supply meets the requirements
(2) Provide the printing information of the serial port
(3) whether the HDMI connection is normal (troubleshoot the connection cable and monitor)

14、Can Orange Pi 3 transfer data through the network port?

A: Yes, the network cable is used to transfer data.

15、How can I play sound with headphones on Orange Pi 3, Linux with tinyplay?

A: Tinyplay reference v1.0 version of the manual, the image has to use 3.10, the latest Linux 4.9 image has been updated to play the way aplay, the manual reference v1.1 version.


Pi 4 Series

1、What are the features of the Type-C port of Orange Pi 4?

A: (1) Can be connected to a computer through Type-C debugging
(2) Type-C port supports the connection of 5V3A or 5V4A Type-C power supply
(3) can be connected to the computer through the Type-C cable to burn Android system to eMMC
(4) Can be connected to HDMI display via Type-C to HDMI cable, the screen resolution should support 1080P.

2、How to install APK on Orange Pi 4/4B?

A: You can install the APK by copying it to a U disk and plugging it into the motherboard, or you can download and install it directly through the network. The default browser of the system does not support downloading for the time being, so use the U disk to install other browsers first and then download the application through the network.

3、Does Orange Pi 4 support wine? (Windows program runner)

A: It can be installed, Android and Linux are supported.

4、Orange Pi 4, the official website maintains the Linux v1.3 version on the basis of V1.2 version what updates have been made?

A: Bluetooth boot initialization was added to solve the problem that the network port hot-plugging cannot dynamically update the network port status.
B: Bluetooth boot initialization has been added to solve the problem that the network port hot-plugging cannot dynamically update the network port status.

5、Does Orange Pi 4B's Tpye-C support inserting U disk? Does it support burning image with computer?

A: Through the Tpye-C to USB adapter can be connected to a U disk, support for burning Android images with a computer.

6、Can the Orange Pi 4B be extended with 4G and GPS modules?

A: The software does not support it yet.

7、Can the Orange Pi 4 and Pi 4B be powered on through the USB Type-C port?

A: You can Tpye-C power supply, but you need a separate power supply, such as a 5V3A charger Type-C port. However, a separate Type-C cable connected to the computer USB port, the power supply is not enough to start.

8、Orange Pi 4/4B, the pre-installed system how to get ROOT access?

A: The Android image of version 1.2 and above on the official website has ROOT permission, and the application calls su command to have ROOT permission.

9、Can the debug serial port of Orange Pi 4B be used for login?

A: Yes.

10、Can the Orange Pi 4's Tpye-C interface be extended with a USB port to connect an ssd hard drive?

A: Yes.

11、Can the Orange Pi4/4B be connected to a switch for Internet access?

A: It can be connected to a router or a switch for Internet access (TPLINK switch is used)

12、Can the Orange Pi 4 only use the matching 13MP camera?

A: You can use the UVC camera, connected to the USB port.

13、Orange Pi 4/4B, how to burn Armbian to eMMC?

A: First burn to TF card according to the burning method in the manual Linux system, and then burn to eMMC. The command to burn Armbian to eMMC is nand-sata-install.

14、Can the GPIO on Orange Pi 4 be controlled by programming?

A: Yes, with wiringOP

15、Does Orange Pi 4/4B support Google services such as Google App Store and Google Chrome?

A: The Android 1.2 version of the image is supported.


1、Orange Pi RK3399 with a dedicated 13 million camera, can it be used to process colors and recognize colors?

A: Yes.

2、Will the Orange Pi RK3399 with 10" screen work with HDMI-IN Debian version?

A: It is not opened by default, you need to open the kernel configuration according to the user manual.

3、Does the Orange Pi RK3399-4G support DP1.2 output?

A: Only Android supports DP output.

4、Is the hdmi in of Orange Pi RK3399 also available under ubuntu?

A: Yes, the Linux image has the function of HDMI IN, there is a test method in the user manual.

5、There are two PCB versions of Orange Pi RK3399 on the official website, how can I see the PCB version?

A: The PCB version number can be seen on the development board.

6、What is the maximum output resolution of this Orange Pi RK3399 development board?

A: 4K.

7、Does Orange Pi RK3399 support LVDS?

A: Not supported.

8、Does the Orange Pi RK3399 come with convolution operation?

A: No.

9、Does Orange Pi RK3399 support high-speed solid state (SSD)?

A: Only emmc flash can be booted. After booting, it can be used as a storage device to connect to a solid state drive, just like connecting a U disk.

10、Can the Orange Pi RK3399 be connected to a sata hard drive through the mSATA interface to expand storage?

A: Yes.


1、Can the Orange Pi i96 connect to the display by connecting to a NAS board?

A: No, touch screen is supported under Android system.

2、What is the Bluetooth of Orange Pi i96?

A: 2.1.

3、Does Orange Pi i96 support cell phone ssh to connect to the motherboard?

A: Support. First login through the serial port, connect the i96 to the wifi, check the address assigned to it through ifconfig, the port of ssh is supposed to be 22.

4、Does Orange Pi i96 support GPIO?

A: Yes.

5、How do I configure the GPIO port input pull-up and pull-down on the Orange Pi i96?

A: Orange Pi i96 currently does not support pull-up and pull-down.


Al Stick Lite

1、What is the purpose of the Orange Pi Al Stick Lite, is it a co-processor?

A: This is to do neural network acceleration calculation, ordinary computing can not do, can be a co-processor. Al Stick Lite is used for inference, can be used with a PC or any one of the Orange Pie development board.

2、What are the steps of model conversion of the Orange Pi Al Stick Lite?

A: There are four steps in model conversion. First, train the floating-point model, if you already have a trained floating-point model, save a checkpoint, and then do Conv and ReLU fixed-point training, each training parameters to bring the last saved results. Finally, reconcile the model and convert it. The floating-point model cannot be converted directly with the conversion tool. Can be combined with the tensorflow training video reference

3、Can the Orange Pi Al Stick Lite work independently and does it support face recognition?

A: The compute stick must be plugged into the USB port of the computer in order to use, the compute stick is just a device, it can be used on X86 (PC)/arm platform, some of the Orange Faction boards have directly adapted to the image directly, the face recognition function of the compute stick needs to be developed by yourself, it can be achieved.

4、How much can the speed of Orange Pi Al Stick Lite reach: - 157188441157

A: - 1571884411572 -547901603856- 2-:Write speed: 57.9352 MB/s - 1571884411572 -547901603856- 2-:Read speed: 38.5166 MB/s

5、How many images per second can Orange Pi Al Stick Lite process when running a target detection model?

A: About 25 images.