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1、 The degree of open source Orange Pi development board?

A: The schematic open source, u-boot open source, Linux kernel open source, orangepi-build compilation system open source

2、Is the development board of Orange Pi a microcontroller?

A: No. ARM's cortex M series is a microcontroller, ours are cortex A series. Microcontroller is integrated CPU, memory, Flash on a chip, while our development board is discrete, memory, eMMC Flash, processor are independent.

3、About SD card and eMMC boot

A: If it is SD card boot, CPU will read OS from SD card to memory and then boot the system; if it is eMMC boot, CPU will read OS from eMMC to memory and then boot the system.

4、How to use SD card?

A: Directly inserted into the board, no need to use the card reader

5、 Can a TF card be loaded with anything other than a system?

A: Yes, just like a computer hard drive, with windows installed, you can also play files and watch movies.

6、How long does it usually take to burn the system on TF card?

A: The software shows the progress bar turns green when it is finished burning, generally 5 to 15 minutes (the length of time will change depending on the computer performance)

7、 How to choose battery and USB OTG power supply optional?

A: Installed battery is the default battery-powered, connected to the OTG power supply line is OTG power supply, if the battery is installed, and even OTG power supply line, priority OTG power supply

8、Can the board with SIM card be used in North America or other foreign regions?

A: Customers need to check whether the board meets the local standards (GSM/CDMA) according to the board's RF parameters.

9、How to SSH login to check IP address under Linux system?

A: Connect the monitor, open the terminal and input ifconfig to see, without monitor, after networking, the router has a management interface to view the IP address, or the serial port login terminal to view.

10、Does the Allwinner series development board support Google Chrome?

A: You can install chrome under Ubuntu, as long as there is chrome in the source of Ubuntu, it is usually chromium.

11、What is the maximum operating temperature of CPU?

A: Around 90 degrees.The CPU working temperature can easily reach over 70 degrees, and if you work for a long time, the temperature will rise quickly. One way to solve the problem is to optimize the system, close unnecessary programs to reduce the load, the second is to paste a CPU heatsink or add a small fan to reduce the heat generation, or slow down the speed of temperature rise.

12、How to check the chipid (CPU serial number) of the development board?

A: The CPU serial number is chipid, the way to check it is described in the user manual. The command to view chipid is as follows.
root@orangepi:~# cat /sys/class/sunxi_info/sys_info | grep ""chipid""
(1) check the chipid of H3 chip, this method is only applicable to Linux3.4 system, Linux5.4 system can not be read
(2) check the chipid of H6 chip, this method is only applicable to Linux4.9 system"

13、Can I use both versions (Focal and Debian) of the Armbian image maintained by the corresponding model of Orange Pi?

A: Both can be used, Focal is Ubuntu 20.04, Buster is Debian 10 system

14、Does the development board come with iptables software for Ubuntu systems?

Yes, all Ubuntu systems have iptables, if you don't have it pre-installed, just use apt to install it.

15、Is the barcode of the board associated with the board?

A: This bar code is only about our production batch production date and other identification codes, not similar to the TV device serial number associated with each device to its management role.

16、How to install gc2035 driver under Android image?

A: Android do not need to install, the default support

17、How to connect the board to the computer to transfer data?

A: If you transfer data, network port, USB, OTG can be connected to the computer, Android only has this function, just like the phone, with OTG

18、Can our board be bare metal development, modify the uboot?

A: Yes, the code is open source

19、Is the Linux source code maintained for each board on the official website already ported to match the corresponding development board, or does the most primitive Linux kernel need to be ported and configured by the customer?

A: Our source code no matter what system is corresponding to each board to match, no need to port, but users can configure themselves according to their needs.

20、For boards that support wifi and bluetooth functions, do the wifi and bluetooth signals come from the interface connected to the wifi antenna?

A: Yes

21、When it comes to low-level peripherals, what does compatible Raspberry Pi refer to?

A: It means that the 40pin pins are the same as Raspberry Pi.

22、How many expansion boards and hard disks can be connected to the development board of Orange Pi?

A: Expansion board can only be connected to one, the hard disk can be connected to more than one (with a USB interface can be connected to the hard disk, referring to the USB mobile hard disk) .

23、Only need to run the browser and video output, which is the most suitable board?

A: If you use Android, the board with more than 1G memory can be used, Linux is no hardware codec, you need to play the video through the CPU.

24、If we need to make a product, similar to the automatic retail cabinet, to realize the brush face / WeChat / Alipay payment, the temperature of the retail cabinet can be adjusted, with temperature control switch, do we have any product that can do it?

A: Any board that can connect to a camera and has extended GPIO can do it. We can recommend Orange Pi One, Orange Pi Zero plus2 (H3), Orange Pi PC Plus for lower price.

25、To do shared scooters, similar to shared bicycles, which board can be used for positioning, unlocking, unlocking, billing, power display and other functions?

A: You can consider Orange Pi 2G-IoT, the basic functions are satisfied, Orange Pi 2G board without GPS, can be connected to the expansion GPIO [i.e. 40pin expansion interface] GPS module, need to be developed by the user.

26、Which board meets the following three requirements: support voice calls, support IO port programming, control IO port input and output, support voice interface docking (spk+, spk-, mic+, mic-)?

A: If you need modem module, Orange Pi 3G-IoT and Orange Pi 4G-IoT meet.

27、Which board can do video surveillance, need image processing and face recognition?

A: H5 and H6 performance is better.

28、Which board meets these three needs: can make phone calls; can transfer data to the server; supports mobile and Unicom.

A: Orange Pi 2G-IoT.

29、Recommend a development board, you can transfer things with the computer through the network cable, the smaller the size, the higher the cost performance the better

A: Orange Pi Zero .

30、Which board can be recommended to meet the following three requirements: run Linux, support more GPIOs, be able to use Python to operate GPIOs, and with eMMC storage?

A: Orange Pi PC Plus.