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2015-03-24 17:00:00Android(H3) For Orange Pi Plus only

Android(H3)_For_Orange_Pi_Plus_v1.0 (an Orange pi Plus image)*

Some software called PhoenixCard is needed for the TF Card setup for all Android images.
(This currently only works in Windows. Versions for other OSs such as Linux are temporarily unavailable - sorry.)

Note: do not try using TF Formatter & Win32 Disk Imager on any Android image – this method just won't work!
To get the PhoenixCard software, try any of these links. After installation and then starting the program (Run as Administrator) for the first time, remember to click the 'Update Version' button (in the top right of the window) before doing any TF card burning. As always when writing images, only have your main hard drive running and one USB device (the card in the card reader) attached. It's very easy to accidentally write to the wrong drive!!

Here are the instructions for the TF Card setup – read them carefully and follow them exactly. Refer to this webpage
Version: Android4.4.2-1.0
Release date: 2015-03-24
Release notes:      
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