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Orange Pi OS


Orange Pi OS (Arch) is an Arch Linux-based distribution that integrates all the advantages of Arch with rich and comprehensive software.

Orange Pi OS (Arch) is an Arch Linux-based distribution that integrates all the advantages of Arch with rich and comprehensive software.

Orange Pi OS (Arch) supports applications such as Blinken, Codeblocks, Fish, Gajim, Gnome-disks, Gnujump and more.
High compatibility

Orange Pi OS (Arch) has multimedia support and supports multi-core CPUs; it supports command line installation and graphical installation; it is highly compatible with open source graphics drivers.

Easy to install

OOrange Pi OS (Arch) is user-friendly and suitable for both novice and experienced Linux users. For novices, the graphical installation interface is convenient and easy to use; for experienced Linux users, Orange Pi OS (Arch) also has command line operations to meet the individual needs of different users.

Highly secure and easy to control

Orange Pi OS (Arch) is privacy and security conscious, no data is sent to anyone and it is entirely up to the user to decide what to share. When there are updates to the system (including software), the system only indicates that an update is available, but it does not automatically download, install and reboot automatically in the background. Also, Orange Pi OS (Arch) comes with default settings and, as with most Linux distributions, users can choose to configure, change, delete or replace any options they require.

Fast software updates and stable operation

Orange Pi OS (Arch) is a standalone operating system based on Arch, which is known for being a fast, powerful and lightweight distribution where users have access to the latest software. For the latest software, OPI OS - OPI Arch is tested and only tested packages that have passed without further problems are released to users who want a stable system.

LibreOffice Suite

The LibreOffice suite is pre-installed and it allows you to view, create and edit Word, Office and Powerpoint documents.

Three different desktop environments

GNOME's desktop environment, XFCE's desktop environment, KDE's desktop environment (users download different images with different desktop environments)

KODI player, supports 4K@60fps, no lag in playback

KODI is a very powerful player, providing users with local video and network video resources to play services, support network video media formats, decoding ability is very strong, and the UI is relatively friendly, support for the format is also very comprehensive.

Boot Wizard

Orange Pi OS (Arch) has a boot wizard that allows users to set their country or region, language, keyboard method, wifi function, and user's username and password according to their habits and characteristics when using it for the first time, guiding them to configure the most priority functions with minimal operations.

Wide range of users

Orange Pi OS (Arch) can be adapted to the needs of a wide variety of people. From home users to students and teachers, from programmers and developers to professionals, from art lovers and music lovers to multimedia professionals and more, all can use Orange Pi OS (Arch) for work, play and study.

Aesthetically pleasing UI design

The UI design is comfortable, simple and aesthetically pleasing. From the icons to the start menu to the desktop theme, every detail has been carefully designed to optimise the entire interface. At the same time, it conforms to the user's habits and is easy and convenient to operate.