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Problems with OPi 5 Plus

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Published in 2023-9-6 01:43:40 | Show all floors |Read mode
Hi all, I am new to SBC's and recently purchased the OPi 5 Plus, mostly so I could run Android and use the OS kind of like how I use Android on my phone. The end goal being to stop using my phone as a computer.
I have experience in Windows, but Linux and Android are fairly new to me. That being said, I am having difficulty in getting Android to run on this board. I am also having difficulty with the instructions in the Owner's Manual around the procedures to install to the Emmc chip. I have also had no luck in getting Android to run AT ALL. I can't get it to install to the MicroSD card to run from the Card, nor can I get the OS to install to the EMMc chip, nor can I get the OS to install via MicroSD to the EMMc. I have tried using different MicroSD cards, but get the same result. I get error message when using RK DEV TOOL v3.15 to install the OS to the EMMc, but since RK Dev tool runs in a window and can't be fullscreened, I can't read the full error message. This is what I can read: "Note: Definition of partition in firmware is larger than..." and that is it.

I did manage to run the OPi OS (Droid) on a MicroSD card and it runs from the card, but I don't really like the OS. It is clunky and doesn't have the controls that I have through Samsung Dex. I will download some of the other OS's available for the SBC, but I need some resolution to the current problems before I move forward.

On a different note, I would like some help in locating the proper connectors for the ones on the SBC that control the fan, speaker and RTC. When I ran a search based on the name of the connector in the schematic, it turned out to be the wrong size. (too big). I want to find a few pigtails with the proper connector on them so I can use the connectors for their intended purpose.

Is there a better version of the Owners Manual available? It is difficult to understand.

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