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OPi5+ LEDs & Bookworm

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Published in 2024-2-13 02:23:48 | Show all floors |Read mode
Having worked out how to stop the LEDs from madly flashing once it's booted, rather than have the green and blue LEDs off, I'd like to be able to use one or other to indicate e.g. disc activity. I notice that there are apparently triggers for disc-activity, disc-read and disc write. If I set any of these, the brightness is set down to 0 and the LED seems to simply remain off - at least I was not able to make it come on at all. If I set brightness to 1 or above (all the same) the LED simply stays on all the time. So in neither case does the LED actually indicate anythng.

There is also an 'activity' trigger and I'm not sure what that even means really, but it doesn't work in exactly the same way as the others I tried.

Has anyone been able to make use of the blue or green LEDs for anything meaningful? Seems a waste to have them off the whole time when I would actually like to be able to see e.g. disc activity. Is it possible to configure it to do this? How?
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