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Orange Pi Plus 2E - smplayer and chromium

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Hello All,

Been trying for about a month to get anyone from Xunlong to even pay attention in the Android forum but have had no luck
.    Unfortunately that means you are left with a very unstable and locked down Android image that makes it impossible in some cases to run 1080p video without freezing (DRAM settings in the image).  As such, instead of just kicking the unit aside as a paper weight (which it almost deserved after the abysmal support Xunlong has provided ) I started exploring usablility as a desktop.  Part of this was to come up with a desktop that could playback full screen 1080p videos as well as work for standard desktop usage.  

During my adventure to get this going I went with Armbian because I have used it on several different SBC and IgorPec has always done outstanding work! (I understand he is on vacation finally for a bit, well deserved imo!).

I found Armbian to supply most of what I needed but was lacking a few things to make it that much better:

As a long time idler in #linux-sunxi on freenode and a long time hobbist with A10, A20 and other allwinner products I came to know that someone had spent the time working to get a version of smplayer working with vdpau to allow full screen 1080p along with a working OSD with funtional controls.

The user 'ikeeki' which used to frequent the channel had spent time creating his own subversion repo and built a version of smplayer which works 1080p full screen with OSD.  I had mentioned this to IgorPec on irc and he said it would be considered for inclusion later, possibly.

Anyhow, the goods:

Using the Jessie Desktop version from:

apt-get install subversion qt4-qmake qt4-devel  qt4-dev-tools libqt4-dev libqt4-dev-bin
svn co smplayer
make -j 4
make install

This should get you a version of smplayer that works.  Now, you need to make sure to configure it once you have it installed:
1. Options -> Preferences -> General -> General
Make sure here you have Multimedia engine as 'Other' and next to it /usr/bin/mpv (this will be the version of mpv which is provided by IgorPec in the Armbian image and is already compiled to use vdpau).
2. Options -> Preferences -> Performance -> Decoding
Thread for decoding: 2 (I am using 2, you don't have to use two you can use 1 or 4 if you feel like it).
Hardware decoding: vdpau (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
3. Options -> Preferences -> General -> Video
Output driver: vdpau (THIS IS ALSO IMPORTANT)

Thats it!  Now you are ready to play full screen 1080p videos with a full On Screen Display with working controls.

Second thing I noticed is they do not provide Chromium for the Armbian image.  I am sure this is because at this time there is no GPU accelerated version of Chromium for this SBC so they figured Iceweasel was a better, more light weight option to include.  However, you can still install it if you like and in some cases it works better than Iceweasel (plus you may prefer it). Please remember, this will NOT provide GPU accelerate playback which means you can at most sustain youtube playback at 380p as it is all being handled by CPU only.

I found two different ways to install Chromium, both from packages built for other distributions (Ubuntu) but worked none the less:
Method 1:
Fortunetly it looks like the packages compiled for some of the Odroid products happen to also work on the Orange Pi (Unaccelerated of course).  I got the file we are going to be using below at .

1. You will want to download the following files:

2. Once downloaded (using wget or whatever your favorite method) you can install chromium as follows:
dpkg -i chromium_51.0.2704.63-2.2+odroid1_armhf.deb chromium-l10n_51.0.2704.63-2.2+odroid1_all.deb chromium-dbg_51.0.2704.63-2.2+odroid1_armhf.deb chromedriver_51.0.2704.63-2.2+odroid1_armhf.deb

Then you can just run 'chromium' in X and you have a working version of Chromioum v51.0.2704.63-2.2

Method 2:

The other method I tested was using a chromium-dev branch from here:
1. Add the following to /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb trusty main
2. apt-get update
3. apt-get install chromium-browser
4. chromium-browser (they named it chromium-browser instead of chromium in this package)

Now, this is a newer version but comes with some caveats.  Because of how it was built you will need to manually setup the API keys, you will be notified when you run it of this.  There are directions on the above page for fixing this.

I was truly hoping I would find a version of Chromium that was built already with the ability to use vdpau for GPU acceleration and even though it seems to have the egl libraries exposed, it seems they do not work well with Chromium, so for now, no GPU acceleration.

IgorPec mentioned in passing on IRC that hey may review adding chromium in the future but also mentioned that it would take a lot of work to do, especially with GPU acceleration and he didn't expect a package for it anytime soon.

Hopefully someone will find these two things useful on their Orange Pi Plus 2E!!









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Thank you... I hope someday they release a Chromium with GPU Acceleration support...








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i tried the smplalyer worked!!
thank you for your post.







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SMPlayer is working just fine if you build it from official git, no need of cloned:
  1. sudo apt-get install libqtwebkit-dev
Copy the Code

Get the latest sources -
  1. tar -xjvf smplayer-xxx.tar.bz2
  2. tar -xjvf smplayer-themes-xxx.tar.bz2
  3. tar -xjvf smplayer-skins-xxx.tar.bz2
  4. cd smplayer-xxx
  5. make -j4
  6. sudo make install
  7. cd ..
  8. cd smplayer-themes-xxx
  9. make
  10. sudo make install
  11. cd ..
  12. cd smplayer-skins-xxx
  13. make
  14. sudo make install
Copy the Code

And you don't even have to point external mpv, it will work with built in mplayer, or mpv engine, but it is always an option. Just tweak options, so vdpau acceleration is used.
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