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Streaming multiple independent audio-video TV outouts

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Published in 2016-10-23 09:00:50 from mobile | Show all floors |Read mode
Hi All !

First post to this forums. Had an email discussion with Steven Zhao as I was waiting approval to post...

My questions:

The use case here is a live streaming set top box that receives a multichannel mpeg4 transport stream, which is then processed by an onboard  media player like VLC. A remote control selects a particular channel by signaling to the onboard IR rx and VLC outputs it; the hardware decodes the MPEG and sends it to the HDMI or TRRS- RCA jack.

1. Can OPi Plus or PC, as the description claims, support two INDEPENDENT tv video outputs from HDMI and TRRS- RCA ports at the same time ?

We are talking, say 720p out of HDMI and 480 NTSC/ 576p PAL from RCA.

I guess we will need another IRrx ( or Bluetooth on board for a BT remote control) to control the second output?

Interestingly, NanoPi M1 folks ( very similar board with same Allwinner H3) claim their boards hardware supports above, with "the right software."

2. What hardware is required for multiple different outputs as above with H3?
How about the kernel drivers, on either Sunxi4.3- Linux being used, or Armbian ( or some other distro)?

3. How about outputting via onboard WiFi? These channel streams can be received by wifi HDMI Miracast- DLNA enabled dongles on the TV sets. ( USB TV ports don't seem an option.)

4. Can we do more than two independent video outputs at the same time, one 720p via HDMI, others SD 480/576 via additional TRRS ports?

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