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Power button doesn't work on Orange Pi Prime with Debian image

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Published in 2017-12-9 00:33:20 | Show all floors |Read mode
Hi All,
I've just started working with some Orange Pi Prime boards that recently arrived from China.  I've installed Debian from the image on the Orange Pi website (debian_server_jessie_prime_H5_V0_1, MD5SUM="fbf4cd7e1b94a91c404615716b780472  debian_server_jessie_prime_H5_V0_1.img").

It boots fine but the power button doesn't work.  If Linux is running and I press it, the board doesn't shutdown.  If I issue the "poweroff" command from an SSH shell or the GUI then the board shuts down cleanly but then pressing the power button doesn't make it boot again.

I've installed ACPID and, when I run acpi_listen and press the power button a couple of times, I see the result below:

root@Orangepi:~# acpi_listen  
button/volumeup VOLUP 00000080 00000000
button/volumeup VOLUP 00000080 00000000

If I then issue the poweroff command, after the shutdown completes I see the following on the serial port:

[ 2282.493465] Restarting system.
INFO:    PSCI Affinity Map:
INFO:      AffInst: Level 2, MPID 0x0, State ON
INFO:      AffInst: Level 1, MPID 0x0, State ON
INFO:      AffInst: Level 0, MPID 0x0, State ON
INFO:      AffInst: Level 0, MPID 0x1, State OFF
INFO:      AffInst: Level 0, MPID 0x2, State OFF
HELLO! BOOT0 is starting!
boot0 commit : 486bfb425c6b944bc2d39a35d1841ad350754c2d
boot0 version : 4.0
set pll start
set pll end
rtc[0] value = 0x00000000
rtc[1] value = 0x00000000
rtc[2] value = 0x00000002
rtc[3] value = 0x0000a102
rtc[4] value = 0x00000000
rtc[5] value = 0x00000000
the chip id is 0x00000001
the chip id is 0x00000001
the chip id is 0x00000001
the chip id is 0x00000001
the chip id is 0x00000001
axp not exist
DRAM Type =3 (2DR2,3DR3,6PDDR2,7PDDR3)
DRAM zq value: 0x003b3bf9
DRAM simple test OK.
dram size =2048
card no is 0
sdcard 0 line count 4
[mmc]: mmc driver ver 2016-03-15 20:40
[mmc]: sdc0 spd mode error, 2
[mmc]: Wrong media type 0x00000000
[mmc]: ***Try SD card 0***
[mmc]: HSSDR52/SDR25 4 bit
[mmc]: 50000000 Hz
[mmc]: 30528 MB
[mmc]: ***SD/MMC 0 init OK!!!***
read boot-pkg from emmc 32800 sector
Succeed in loading uboot from sdmmc flash.
Entry_name        = u-boot
Entry_name        = monitor
Entry_name        = scp
set arisc reset to de-assert state
Ready to disable icache.
���{�ʽ������K���SPC Controller
NOTICE:  BL3-1: v1.0(debug):3ffd944
NOTICE:  BL3-1: Built : 11:09:10, Aug 30 2016
NOTICE:  BL3-1 commit: 3ffd9442d4769d7fc0002770e3b69b55150a288e

INFO:    BL3-1: Initializing runtime services
ERROR:   Error initializing runtime service tspd_fast
INFO:    BL3-1: Preparing for EL3 exit to normal world
INFO:    BL3-1: Next image address = 0x4a000000
INFO:    BL3-1: Next image spsr = 0x1d3

U-Boot 2014.07-g486bfb4 (Mar 27 2017 - 14:27:38) Allwinner Technology  

uboot commit : 486bfb425c6b944bc2d39a35d1841ad350754c2d
secure enable bit: 0
i2c: secure monitor exist
[      0.724]pmbus:   ready
[      0.728][ARISC] :arisc initialize
[      0.758][ARISC] :arisc para ok
[SCP] :sunxi-arisc driver begin startup 2
[SCP] :arisc version: [sun8iw5_v0.03.00-244-gb750b8e]
[SCP] :sunxi-arisc driver v1.20 is starting
[      0.774][ARISC] :sunxi-arisc driver startup succeeded
axp: get node[charger0] error
[SCP ERROR] :message process error
[SCP ERROR] :message addr   : 48105080
[SCP ERROR] :message state  : 5
[SCP ERROR] :message attr   : 2
[SCP ERROR] :message type   : 80
[SCP ERROR] :message result : f3
[SCP WARING] :callback not install
[SCP ERROR] :arisc twi read pmu reg 0x3 err
probe axp806 failed
axp_probe error
[      0.955]PMU: cpux 1008 Mhz,AXI=336 Mhz
PLL6=600 Mhz,AHB1=200 Mhz, APB1=100Mhz MBus=400Mhz
run key detect
no key found
no uart input
DRAM:  2 GiB
fdt addr: 0xb6e9f0e0
Relocation Offset is: 75ef2000
axp: get node[charger0] error
In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
gic: sec monitor mode
[box standby] read rtc = 0x2
[box standby] start_type = 0x1
set box_stanby led
waiting ir or power key wakeup

I'm guessing that this means the power key mapping is wrong somehow and it is being treated as the "volume up" key instead?

Has anyone else seen this and does anyone know how I can fix it?  I'm happy to edit the device tree or recompile UBoot but I need some guidance as to what to change... :-)

Thanks in advance!

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