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OrangePi Iot random Mac Addresses how can have a static mac address

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Each time i power down my OrangePi Iot it randomly sets my Mac address to  a new address , I know its use for security reasons in public areas but its casuing a problem in my development area.
I have a firewall that only gives access by Mac address so each time i reboot i need to go to my Firewall and ad the new mac address to get access to internet,
I would like to turn off this reature and have a hardware mac address untill i have finished developing and then i can turn the feature back on , I have tried using MacChanger with the pre connect change mac address statement, in the file
sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces
macchanger -md2:d4:0f:7a:fa:07  wlan0

i have also tried other settings on fly
ifconfig wlan0 hw ether c2:1d:7c:xx:xx:xx which gives me a new Mac address but my firewall doesnt like Mac Spoofing so i dont get internet for the OrangePi Iot

I am looking at setting the feature off at boot level , I aso tried

editing file/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf fileAnd added:[device]
So I am looking for advice on how to have the normal Rasbian behaviour of a fixed Mac address according to wifi harware ?

Regards IOT , tadpole .








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As far as i know, only the Orange Pi R1 come with fix Mac address. Other models are come with random Mac address.







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