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Orange Pi CHIP

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Published in 2018-7-4 20:12:59 | Show all floors |Read mode
With Next Thing Co. out of business, the CHIP computer is no longer being produced. However, the design was open source, so anyone else should be able to make their own.

A major selling point of the CHIP was its incredibly low price, but I think that CHIPs of $20 or below would find plenty customers. However, it seems that it was sold at an extremely low price, so few companies are willing to sell close to that price.

So, I thought, who better to produce a cheap singleboard computer than Orange Pi? They already have a lot of experience doing just that, so it should probably not be too much of a problem to add another board to the lineup. They already have the selling and shipping pipelines, so that doesn't cost them much extra either. On top of that, I'd also be far more willing to trust them then an unknown Chinese company who decides to start producing these little machines. I think there's a lot to gain for Orange Pi both in terms of revenue and in terms of community. Of course, Orange Pi isn't exactly known for stellar software support, but I'd settle for just having the hardware at this point in time.

To put this all into a single question: would Orange Pi be interested in making and selling CHIP boards?

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