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4G/LTE connectivity and small Orange Pi products (NO 4G-IOT, NO RK3399)

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Published in 2018-9-18 17:38:36 | Show all floors |Read mode
Edited by salvolp at 2018-9-18 17:39

I am looking to small Orange products (I mean with dimensions UNDER 80 mm x 55 mm) with camera input, mic and sd card.
I also NEED LTE connectivity: I have seen that Orange PI Lite has "40 Pins Header,compatible with Raspberry Pi B+"
Is it possible to add an LTE module to have 4g/LTE connectivity with Orange PI Lite and Android?

I have seen this one:

What LTE module can you suggest?

As alternative, are there any other Orange products that fit my requests? (Small dimensions, Camera input, mic, sd card and 4G/LTE connectivity)

Thank you very much for any kind answer.
Is it possible to plug an USB/4g/LTE dongle to Orange PI Lite to have LTE connectivity?
Will it be correctly recognized/managed by Android or Linux system?
Can we plug that dongle to other Orange PI products?
(Note: I don't want  4G-IOT nor RK3399 since they still don't have compatible cameras)
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