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Orange Pi Zero Plus + Orange Pi Zero NAS board problems

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Published in 2019-3-8 23:30:40 | Show all floors |Read mode
Edited by thorpej at 2019-3-8 23:30

I am running NetBSD on an Orange Pi Zero Plus and am attempting to use the NAS expansion board with a mSATA Samsung SSD, but I am having a prlblem: the storage device isn't appearing on the USB.

As I undersetand this board, it connects to the USB of the Zero Plus via the header, and has a USB->SATA interface chip.  The USB->SATA interface isn't showing up at all.  As an experiment, I plugged a USB thumb drive into the NAS board USB ports, and that didn't work either.  The same USB thumb drive works fine plugged into the USB port on the Orange Pi Zero Plus, of course.
I believe the board is connected in the correct orientation -- the mounting holes line up, and the Zero Plus is successfully powered by the 5V rail on the NAS board (I am using a 5V 3A power supply connected to the NAS board barrel connector).

Is there any other hardware configuration that's missing?  I referred to the Orange Pi Zero NAS user manual at ... 1_1_user_manual.pdf, but it didn't offer anything obvious other than what I'd already done.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

-- thorpej

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