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Failure to load 20190408 Ubuntu Server release

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Published in 2019-3-11 09:37:27 | Show all floors |Read mode
image: OrangePi_3_Linux_4.9_Ubuntu16.04_Server_emmc_v1.0.tar.gz
board: Orange Pi 3 H6 2GB with emmc
SD Card: 32GB

Steps followed:-
1) downloaded the image from the google drive ( ... cfDwmvkdfy0nt1fDuWN )
2) used SD Card Formatter to do a full re-formatting ("Overwrite format") of the card.
3) used Win32DiskImager to write the image to the card with the option "Read Only Allocated Partitions" as I want to expand the partitions later on. Ran verify and that was successful
4) Board setup:-
   a) USB keyboard/mouse via hub
   b) HDMI connection to an ASUS HD monitor
   c) Ethernet connection to a PC sharing its internet connection
   d) powered via USB
5) inserted SD card and powered up

1) on boot I am getting messages shown in the attached image.
2) I can log in after this but I get a distorted screen and its not picking up things like the wifi

Attemps to rectify
1) tried multiple SD cards from multiple manufacturers - same results
2) tried a second board - same results
3) tried writing the card without the use of "Read Only Allocated Partitions" - same results
4) tried booting with no peripherals attached and then reconnecting the monitor - same results
5) downloaded the desktop version - OrangePi_3_Linux_4.9_Ubuntu16.04_Desktop_emmc_v1.0.tar.gz ( ... 2mhqGdhk3GHt48coRnY )
      a) formatted, imaged and verified
      b) loaded with same initial setup as above
   This loads without issue, screen and network connections connected easily.

use the OrangePi_3_Linux_4.9_Ubuntu16.04_Desktop_emmc_v1.0.tar.gz ( ... 2mhqGdhk3GHt48coRnY ) release.

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