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adding 3 drives to the Orange Pi 3 LTS

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Published in 2023-7-27 05:29:28 from mobile | Show all floors |Read mode
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Hi. I'm trying to connect 3 drives to the unit.
All drives are 1tb in size..  2 drives are self-powered (they have their own power supply), and the third drive is a 2.5 inch drive connected to a USB to sata converter. that drive is not self powered. The system (ubuntu) is installed on one of these self-powered drives.

I have a powered USB 3 hub.. I tried various methods:  

1) all three on the USB 3 hub, hub's plug connected to USB 3 of the board (the upper connector on the board).
2) two of them on the hub, the third on the USB 2 of the board (the lower connector)

In almost every case, they work for a while, then something goes crazy -- a drive is not readable until I power off everything and power it up again -- and do an fsck on the drive.
Did anyone have any luck with a such setup? Multiple drives on our machines?

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