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orange pi one, camera

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Published in 2016-10-18 13:53:52 | Show all floors |Read mode
Hi everybody,

I am trying to get the camera module for the orangePi one to work reliably and with a good framerate.

What works: the camera, with motion software, at 2fps 800x600 resolution.
What I did:
I am running armbian
According to some posts here it was recommended to use this gc2035 driver
So I cloned the repo, then setup an ubuntu VM with the armbian sources, and built the driver.
To my surprise, the resulting binary gc2035.ko had the same checksum as the one included in the armbian dist... so I guess armbian already uses this enhanced driver.

Then I configured motion like explained here ... -linux-with-motion/

I get just 2fps.

I then tried to add to /etc/modules soe of the parameters to gc2035, like hres=2 mclk=34. If I add any parameter, after boot up, gc2035 is not loaded.
If I load it manually, I can load with parameters. So that is one mystery, why it can not load at boot time.

I built mjpeg-streamer, it fails to open the video device.

I also tried to use vidcopy ... l2loopback-vidcopy/
With most gc2035.ko parameters, vidcopy aborts. With those where it works, the fps is still about 2fps.

I tried pretty much every combination of gc2035.ko parameters, and resolution, using vidcopy or not, and I still get about 2fps.

Anybody has any idea what is wrong here ?
Anybody has an OPi with the camera module working correctly ?

I am open to all info and comments...

Thanks !

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