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Author: vedranius

Non-working Orange Pi 3 images (Ubuntu and Debian)

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Published in 2019-10-14 19:47:08 | Show all floors
Edited by igorpec at 2019-10-14 12:53

> you expect more or less the official images TO WORK

They do. The same way as from the others but quality differs.

> As for Armbian in the official page do not say anything about sound support


Armbian you used is CLEARLY MARKED AS TESTING. There is FAQ where this WIP status is explained that you don't need to waste our time and explain us how lazy we are. In testing images it is expected that things doesn't work, while on official images ... I had probably 1000+ installs of official Ubuntu ( in my life and not a single one worked perfectly OOB. Any you had only one fucking Intel platform to fix. In our world each chip is platform on its own. To perhaps understand how serious this problem is ... but those who know stuff from inside out, should know that. You obviously have no clue and perhaps there is a lot for you to learn about to be able to proceed with this topic.

> Please do not talk about me about programming or linux because I was one of the latest founder in the Ubuntu Developing Community Kernel Distribution
> You do not except from simple users to help in low level programming ARM or Arch64 systems

Simple users are not kernel hackers.

>  As about Debian I do not know how the community is working

(lazy) Debian developers are those invisible individuals which are making Ubuntu and other derivativespossible. Community is coding and creating Debian OS, while Ubuntu is reselling, repacking that work and make business out of this. Like other commercial distributions based on open source software. Linux kernel is its own entity in this. You get your kernel from there, we have to make it and eventually sent there that your "kernel group" can download it there. In short.
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