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Need help identifying traces on Orange Pi One PCB

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Published in 2019-5-7 13:03:44 | Show all floors |Read mode
Edited by HicSvntDracones at 2019-5-7 18:05

I had my USB port snap off my Orange Pi One a few months ago, and had just left it in the drawer, but now need to use it quickly, I had gone to repair the USB port with a brand new ceramic soldering iron, and it appears as though the temp control is horribly off, as I lost 3 smd components (a 1AM Transistor, a cap & a 0 ohm resistor) along with lifting off the trace in that area. I replaced the transistor good enough, and I was able to get it to boot if I shorted the 0 ohm transistor pads next to the transistor for a quick second, it didnt work if i left them shorted, though it would randomly reboot, which I assume is due to the missing cap. Since I couldn't identify the actual values, or even what this area of the board does as it is unlabled and traces are not visible, I removed a small amount of the covering on the PCB to expose the traces, which accidentally removed a few of the solder pads for the components.. oops.

I would just repair the trace with some mag wire, except now I have absolutely NO idea as to which components teh resistor and cap sit between... I think the resistor jumps to a trace on the back of the board, but that is a guess. So, looking to see if anyone can give me that info or any other info for fixing this quickly. The area in question is in between the USB port and the GPIO pins, and consists of a 1AM transistor, a resisotr, a ceramic cap, and empty trace pads for prob a nonexistent resistor, all in a row that end at a working diode. I can't find any images showing the PCB traces, or any eagle files, though I did find a schematic for the board, unfortunately, my experience is too low to be able to find these components within the schematic without any idea of what purpose they serve.

I have included pics of the damage (best I could get) along with markings of the actual area on a good board.



I went back over the schematic, (  Page 6 at the bottom) and figured out the issue is with the Reset-Option section, specifically, missing the traces coming off the collector of the 1am transistor, labled Q9, which looks like I need to do C65 (0.10 Cap, & R347, along with an ESD, except it looks like that ESD isn't installed on any of the boards. So ground to cap, to resistor, with a break to Q9 in between them, and then the resistor goes to VCC_RTC... So my ISSUE now is, what is considered VCC_RTC? like, which component do I connect to? I am not seeing a block titled VCC_RTC. ALso looks like the collector jumps to AP-RESET# which I also don't know the location of yet...

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