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Run MPU9150 MotionSensorExample on Orange Pi One

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Hi, guys!
I tried to run MotionSensorExample on Orange Pi One, and have got some outputs.
Originally MotionSensorExample is a sample program for testing your MPU Motion Sensor with Rasperry Pi.  I successfully ran it on Orange Pi, and  someone might think this useful.

My Orange Pi One runs Armbian_5.90_Orangepione_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.19.57
The MPU sensor I use is MPU9150. I connect it to my orange pi one's i2c0 using only four wires,which are 5V->pin 2, SDA->pin 3, SCL->pin 5, and GND->pin 6.  (my mpu9150 module uses 5V power supply)

1.First install i2c-tools to see i2c devices and for debugging purpose.
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get install i2c-tools

2.Run armbian-config to enable i2c device,which is armbian-config  ----> system  ---->  hardware  ---->  i2c0     use space key to select, and save, and reboot your Orange Pi One.

By the way, if the mpu sensor was connected the way like SDA->pin 3  and  SCL->pin 5, i2c0 should be open. I tried to open i2c1 to see if I can skip step 5 below or not. It turned out that the mpu9150 was no longer detected.

3.use i2cdetect to locate the MPU sensor.
    sudo i2cdetect -y 0

4.Clone MotionSensorExample code from github
    git clone

5. cd to MotionSensorExample/libs/I2Cdev and modify all the three '/dev/i2c-1'   to    '/dev/i2c-0'  in file I2Cdev.c  (I think maybe because of that the raspberry pi use i2c-1 as default)
If you missed this step, you may get a "Failed to write device" error.

6. cd to MotionSensorExample/MotionSensor and modify '-DMPU6050'    to     '-DMPU9150'   in Makefile   (As in the README file, you can use MPU6050/MPU6500/MPU9150/MPU9250)
If you missed this step, you may get another "No such device or address"error. back to MotionSensorExample and run 'make' , and you should see a new executable file named 'mstest' , and you can then run it.

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