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With WiFi only no default GW

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Published in 2017-2-10 07:02:24 | Show all floors |Read mode
Loaded Armbian_5.24.170202_Orangepipc2_Ubuntu_xenial_dev_4.10.0_desktop.img

I set up /etc/network/interfaces with eth0 and wireless with the end game of only running wireless.  Installed apache2, php, mysql, etc
"etc" included 'pip install butterfly'  (that's an aside).  Anyhow when I commented out eth0 and did networing restart there was no default gw.  I could go any place within the 192.168.0.x net but not through the router to the world.  I tracked the problem down to:
/sbin/dhclient.script and the section:
  1. # set default route
  2.             ip -4 route add....
  3. had to modify to:
  4.            /bin/ip -4 route add...
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Why? I don't know because the script has PATH=... is there.  But it fixed the problem. I also went back and added "/bin/" to every "ip"

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