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Orange Pi is an open source product brand of Shenzhen Xunlong Software Co., Ltd, which focuses on providing cost-effective open source hardware, open source software and OEM/ODM services for individuals and enterprises worldwide.

In 2014, Orange Pi's first open source product was officially launched, and received wide acclaim from the market due to its high cost performance and excellent usage experience. After years of technical innovation and market research, Orange Pi has iterated more than 30 products and become a synonym of high quality in the development board industry.

Orange Pi not only produces and sells open source hardware and open source software, but also pays attention to the service and dissemination of supporting courses and the communication and exchange of user communities. At present, Orange Pi has formed a complete open source education ecosystem covering open source hardware, open source software, open source chips, supporting videos and forum community.

For more information about Orange Pi, please visit Orange Pi website.


You can find out more about the products manufactured by Orange Pi:

Development board

Keyboard PC


Smart phone

Open source game console

Orange Pi OS

Orange Pi OS is the officially supported open-source operating system for Orange Pi. It provides Orange Pi OS desktop for Orange Pi series development boards, keyboard PCs, and other PCs. It is pre-installed with commonly used boutique software, running fast, secure, and stable, with a beautiful interface and simple operation, making it an easy-to-use and easily expandable desktop operating system...... view details


Orange Pi has a large, friendly, dynamic and diverse forum. The forum brings together creators,geeks, hardware enthusiasts, privacy advocates, and project developers from around the world who provide users and hobbyists with a variety of resources to successfully leverage various Orange Pi products. They contribute to, shape, and drive the open source project.
The official Orange Pi forum can be accessed here.